Competitive Advantage
Why should you use Mizar?
Mizar offers subscription-free trading tools and a marketplace to put your cryptos in motion.

What is the difference between Mizar and a social-trading platform such eToro?

Mizar is non-custodian, which means your assets will securely stay in your wallet. You can connect to a wide range of exchanges through API and manage your cryptos on Mizar. Mizar is developing a wide community of crypto traders and investors. Most of these traders have developed systems and algorithms which support them to automate their trades and execute thousands of orders per day. With Mizar you will have the chance to allocate some of your assets on their strategies and perform as they do.

What is the difference between Mizar and a social-trading platform such StackedInvest?

Mizar is subscription-free, in the sense that users pay only if the strategies they are copying are actually performing. On top of this, Mizar offers to traders of all level the opportunity to develop their own bots through a user-friendly interface, publish them on the marketplace and get copied.

What is the difference between Mizar and a bot-trading platform such CryptoHopper?

Mizar developed trading tools for different kind of traders, from beginners to professionals. On one side, users can develop simple bots through a user-friendly interface and connect to Trading View, Telegram or other API systems to open orders based on technical signals. Users can also manage and reduce risk by trading with DCA bots. On the other side, traders can get access to MizarLabs, the open-sourced library developed by the Mizar team to develop, research and test trading strategies using Machine Learning modules or more advanced technical indicators. Each of them can then deploy their strategies or bots or publish them on the marketplace to earn a passive income by being copied.

What is the difference between Mizar and an exchange like Binance?

Mizar offers smart trading tools, in the sense that its users can manage multiple accounts from one single place and actively manage their trades and assets. Mizar offers the possibility to simultaneously take profits and stop loss on different positions, divide your investment into smaller pieces and buy the asset at various points over time at different prices, set trailing orders to automatically adjust the closing value of the positions when the price changes and much more.

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