Fee system
Mizar is subscription free, this means you will never be asked to pay a monthly fixed fee.
Mizar wants to open smart trading to everyone. Most of the current trading platforms offer subscription fees that traders have to bear regardless of their capital, usage, expertise, or performance.
Mizar offers to its users an innovative yet simple fee system. Mizar developed a secure wallet system where users can deposit and withdraw stable coins to be used to pay their fees and reward other traders.
At Mizar, there are two different fee mechanisms. Fees can be reduced by holding MZR in the Mizar wallet. Check here for more information.

Copy-trade - performance fee

Users can share successful strategies and bots via a marketplace and get copied by other investors. In this way, traders are rewarded for their performance, while others can benefit from following them.
When copying another trader, the investor will have to pay a performance fee based on the monthly gross profits.
Traders are free to propose their own performance fee. The performance fee will be applied to the gross profits resulting from the copied strategies, calculated at the end of the calendar month.
Minimum performance fee is 5%
The performance fee will be subtracted each month from the user deposit, depending how much profits have been made over the month.
Trader A starts to follow Trader B and copy-trade. The performance fee applied from Trader B is 15%. During the month of August (from 01.08.21 to 31.08.21), Trader A performs a total gross profit (i.e. no fee exchange applied yet) of 100USDT (~$100).
Trader A has to pay the following performance fees:
  • Performance fee to trader B: 100USDT * 15%= 15 USDT ~ $15
Trader A is happy and made 85USDT of gross profits in August.

Self-trading - volume fee

Users can develop their own bots to automate their trades or simplify their trading activities with smart trading tools.
Mizar applies max 0.06% trading fee on each dollar traded.
To support investors, Mizar offers the first $10,000 of volume traded for free, each month.
The volume fee will be detracted each day from the user deposit.
Trader A builds a bot and at the end of August. In total, the bot traded in August (from 01.08.21 to 31.08.21) $3,000 of volumes. Mizar does not apply any fee to Trader A in August.
Trader B has 5 active bots in August. In total, the bots traded in August (from 01.08.21 to 31.08.21) $56,000 of volumes. Mizar applies the following fee:
  • Volumes fee = ($56,000 - $10,000) * 0.06% = $27.6
Trader C has 15 active bots. In total, the bots traded in August (from 01.08.21 to 31.08.21) $1,000,000 of volumes. Mizar applies the following fee:
  • Volume fee = ($1,000,000 - $10,000) * 0.01% = $101
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