Welcome to Mizar where trading is made simple for you.
Mizar is a next-gen trading platform where traders can search for strategies to securely allocate capital or get access to a wide range of trading tools to put their assets in motion. Mizar makes trading simpler and accessible to everyone, subscription-free.
Mizar's Mission
All Mizar founders have been trading in several markets in a personal capacity or for large institutions and know how advanced trading tools can reduce risk and increase profitability. Mizar's mission is to deliver advanced yet simple to use trading tools and make them accessible to everyone.
The Vision
Mizar is aiming to solve the complexity of trading crypto and improve its accessibility.
Mizar wants to open trading to everyone, offering a fair and proportional business model.
Mizar wants to bridge advanced trading tools from CeFi to DeFi, addressing the problems of DEX trading
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