What is Mizar?
Mizar's vision is to realize the full potential of smart and algorithmic trading to drive a new era of passively and actively managed exposure to crypto
Trading cryptos is hard and with far greater risk than other markets. Crypto trading is 24/7, time-consuming and requires advanced tech and financial know-how. Even though most of the cryptos investors struggle to follow the crypto markets and get profits out of it, the majority of it does not want to lose this opportunity due to the high expectations and possible future outcomes. Most of the current investment vehicles are too prohibitive for the average retailers, and most of them rely on daily news, family or friends suggestions or other kind of informative tools such as Trading View for the most skilled. All in all, emotions and FOMO are the main leading indicator in this kind of market, which is naturally linked to high volatility and fast innovation.
Bots or algo-trading in cryptocurrency markets is becoming more and more popular. Promising and successful projects have been born in the last years, showing good traction and new customer needs. At the same time, the rise of new social or mirror trading platforms such as eToro or trading platform like Robinhood are showing a new efficient and affordable way of investing for retail traders. Even though performing, most of the current trading platforms specialized in cryptos offer subscription fees that traders have to bear regardless of their capital, usage, expertise, or performance, which still represents a barrier for an important share of users.
Mizar is aiming to solve the complexity of trading crypto and improve its accessibility. The Mizar team is developing an innovative yet simple trading platform which offers to its user trading tools for traders of all level, subscription-free. Users can on one side diversify their investments by searching and allocating part of their capital in successful trading algorithms developed by other traders. On the other side, traders, trading companies or freelancers can get the visibility from the Mizar community and share their know-how with others by getting copied. Furthermore, Mizar gives the opportunity to everyone to develop their own bots through a user-friendly interface or develop more advanced strategies through an open source library. Mizar is aiming to lower the barriers to entry for all kind of investors, by offering fees which go along together with the actual performance or the effective usage of the platform.
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