MZR Utility Token
How does Mizar allow users to invest in algo-strategies?
The MZR Utility Token is at the heart of the Mizar ecosystem. It will be a mean to interact with the platform, get discounts and earn a passive income.
Fee reduction
Investors and traders who hold a certain amount of MZR will receive a reduction in their performance and trading fees. Check here for more information.
Users that stake their MZR tokens get exclusive access to premium features such as trading signals from Telegram or more alternative features such as NFT and DEX tools (under development).
Users can invite other traders through referral code and get part of their trading and performance fees. Users that stake their MZR can increase the share of referral fees they can get out of it.
Yield Farming
Users can stake MZR in the STAR Pool (under development) and earn a passive income by getting staking rewards.
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