The place where traders of all level can create their own bots without writing a single line of code
Mizar offers to traders of all level professional trading tools to put their cryptos in motion and automate their trades.
Traders can develop simple or advanced bots, trading multiple pairs on multiple exchanges at the same time, on SPOT or FUTURES markets. The Mizar team developed a low-latency, safe and secure infrastructure to let traders focus on their main needs: trade, maximizing profits, and minimizing risks.
Trading cryptos is hard and with far greater risk than other markets. Crypto trading is 24/7, time-consuming, and requires advanced tech and financial know-how. With Mizar, users can develop their own bots, overcome emotions and generate profits from cryptos in any market condition.
With BotLabs, users do not have to be expert traders or quants. Mizar developed a user-friendly interface where everyone can develop bots simply by a couple of clicks of a mouse.
Last modified 4mo ago
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